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Wow...just wow.....

Can everything please hit me all at once? No, wait it has. Emotionally, mentally, is all becoming too much. Just when I get back on my feet again I get knocked down. I get myself to a point where I finally have some stability and know what I want, and someone or something hits me like a truck and I'm down again. Why? That's all I want to know...just why?
Super Saturday's are no good. I have said this before, however this time I am for real. It either gets way too big and out of control or too small and boring and people start with other pepole just for something to do. Then people end up leaving and it's all a big mess. I wasn't gonna go this weekend, but somehow I got suckered into I was there. I really don't know if I will be there anymore, that's for sure.So on that note we will move to another subject.....
I am signing the final papers for my car tomorrow after work! I am so excited...finally a car of my own.
I really have nothing to write about so I'm gonna end it here. If anyone has any advice please help me out!
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