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It feels good to be back! [08 Dec 2001|08:53pm]
Hey everyone! It feels good to be back. I have been VERY busy lately. I'll admit that I have not posted as much as I should have, but we aren't gonna let that happen again! I am working a ton....8-5 M-F...that makes me very tired. I can't wait for Christmas!!!! It will be here soon!

It is snowing tonight!!! I jsut looked out the window and noticed the white stuff on my car. The first snow of the season!!!!YAY! As much as I hate winter, it is nice to have some snow around here. Wednesday and Thursday it was 70degreez yo! It was 73 at 3am on Thursday! That is rediculous for December weather in NY! Oh well, I'm not complaining! Days like that we should not question, we should take as a bonus day!

Aight this is a short entry but I'm babysitting and I need to tend to the children now....leave me some lovin!
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Oh the Joy of Christmas... [20 Nov 2001|09:44pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I started Christmas shopping tonight. I officially hate the mall. People are so rude sometimes! But i got some good sales so it's all good...now my next thing is to pay car insurance. Boy where does all my hard earned money go? If you have any idea please lemme know! It snowed for the first time this season today..I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. We will wait and see...ok definetly time for some shut-eye....good night everyone!

and let me say one more thing...IT'S GOOD TO BE BACK!(and have internet that works):)

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[19 Nov 2001|02:54pm]
GINALLY MY INTERNET IS WORKING AGAIN!!!! YAY! It kinda sucked when all I could do was go on AIM...but it's all good now, so yay I'm back!
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[02 Oct 2001|07:03pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

I think I am getting a cold...I can't breathe too well...it sux!

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Wow...just wow..... [30 Sep 2001|05:53pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Can everything please hit me all at once? No, wait it has. Emotionally, mentally, physically...it is all becoming too much. Just when I get back on my feet again I get knocked down. I get myself to a point where I finally have some stability and know what I want, and someone or something hits me like a truck and I'm down again. Why? That's all I want to know...just why?
Super Saturday's are no good. I have said this before, however this time I am for real. It either gets way too big and out of control or too small and boring and people start with other pepole just for something to do. Then people end up leaving and it's all a big mess. I wasn't gonna go this weekend, but somehow I got suckered into it...so I was there. I really don't know if I will be there anymore, that's for sure.So on that note we will move to another subject.....
I am signing the final papers for my car tomorrow after work! I am so excited...finally a car of my own.
I really have nothing to write about so I'm gonna end it here. If anyone has any advice please help me out!

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Good and Bad [25 Sep 2001|04:06pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

Eddie and Erica are no longer together. Good.

Eddie got jumped Thursday night. Bad.

Super Saturday. Good.

It is raining. Bad.

I got my pictures back from Super Saturday 2 weeks ago. Good.

I have cramps. Bad.

Trista taped Super Saturday. Good.

My watch was stolen at work. Bad.

I am getting my car Friday. Good.

There are so many good things right now, yet the bad things seem to be overwhelming. I hope things get better soon.

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[19 Sep 2001|10:03pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

My mom is crying.

We don't have any money.

People are yelling.

Lots of tension.

Mom is crying harder.

Mean things are being said.

I want out.

I can't deal with this much longer.

Someone please help me!

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How Rude! [19 Sep 2001|08:25am]
[ mood | tired ]

I woke up at 6:15am today to get ready for work and be there by 7:00am like I am normally supposed to be. However, at 7:05 my phone rang. It was a co-worker that was supposed to bring me to work. We have been going in together for over a week now. She figured I wasn't goign in today...hmmm. Why would she think that? Therefore I hafta wait for my mom to go to work and go in when she goes in at 10:00. That sux because I have been up forever and I could have slept for almost 3 more hours! Plus now I have to work until 6pm...that bites.
Okay, I'm done bitching. For September its pretty damn chilly out!
Okay now I'm really done!
Have a good day!

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Super Saturdays......No Good..... [16 Sep 2001|12:52pm]
[ mood | cold ]

A lot of ish went down last night. It was way out of control and I didn't know what to do.I had people coming up to me, hunting me down and looking for me cuz they wanted to talk. Talk about their problems and their issues. I have my own! Do I want to hear yours? NO! But of course I am not gonna say that, so there I sit on the edge of the bed, on the front steps, on the kitchen table, on the bar stool listening and comforting. Just when I think everyone is okay, someone else has a problem or is wanting to talk. It's never ending cycle. I worried about a lot of people last night. Not only because of the problems they were telling me but because of the alcohol involved. Everyone is okay now, but I was scared.
Another thing that really got to me was Eddie. I had to sit there on the bed with him while he cried his eyes out to me about the problems with hime and Erica. Do you have any idea how hard that was and how much it hurt. I care about him so much and I want him to be happy, but he's not. Not with her. Part of me wants to wait around for him but the other part is telling me not to. He told me that he can't see it lasting more than a week if things continue like this. I have no idea anymore. Jodi is having a tough time with her stuff and I feel really bad for her cuz she has no idea how to handle it.
I am so torn right now. My brain and my heart are telling me 2 different things and I don't know which one to listen to.
It does not help that i ma freezing my ass off either! So I ma tired, crabby, worried, cold anf hungry..hmm....no good.
If anyone has the answers lemme know.

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[15 Sep 2001|07:02pm]
[ mood | cold ]

I don't even know where to start. Lemme think....Ok here we go. As it turns out Eddie is now back with his ex. That hurts so bad. I told Jodi that if he brought her to Jodi's for Super Saturday that I was leaving. Why would I want to sit around and watch them be all over eachother when for the past 3 weeks it was me instead of her? Then all of a sudden just when things were going good, she starts calling again. Thanx, thanx alot. So he said that his heart and his mind are telling him two different things and his mind is telling him that he needs to be with her right now. Does that mean his heart is telling him that he should be with me? Hmmm....something to think about. He tells me that he doesn't know how long it wil last between the two of them but he wants to be with me and all that crap that guys tell girls to make them feel better. Wanna know the pathetic thing? It worked. I know I shouldn't wait around for him but like Jodi said, " We are girls, we do dumb stuff when it comes to guys." She's right.Oh well...it sucks that's all. I want to think that maybe he will be with her and realize that he lost something good with me and come back, but then I think about it and think to myself "God Aimee, you are pathetic!" So I have no idea at this point.

Another thing. Ron. We are talking again and I like it. I realized how much I miss him.This sux.Big time. I thought I knew what I wanted and I still think I do, but at the same time I don't.This is all getting to be too much.

By the way, for August it's damn cold out!


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[14 Sep 2001|04:36pm]
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[09 Sep 2001|09:24pm]
[ mood | calm ]

No more Aimee and Eddie..at least not now. I don't know. Anyways I went shopping this weekend and bought myself some new clothes, clothes I needed. I cut my finger cleaning up a broken beer bottle (not broken by me but by someone else).

Oh yeah, I was called a fucking cunt by a random drunk fat old man this weekend.

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Cute Eddie....*sigh*.... [30 Aug 2001|06:14pm]
I met a boy!!!! Not that this is a first for me. I have met many boys, but this boy...he's different. He's special. I told Erin at work that I feel like a 13 year old girl again. I have a crush and it is making me stupid. But with a crush I guess you are allowed to act like that, right? I get butterflies in my stomach when I see him or when I hear his voice or even when I hear his voice. I am an idiot. I will admit it. But oh well what can ya do right? He is super cute (hence the nickname Cute Eddie given by me and Trista). He have beautiful light blue eyes (so blue they almost look see through) which go very nicely with his dark brow hair. Yes I have a crush. I'm in that stupid stage still. Ok enough about that..time to eat dinner!
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[27 Aug 2001|12:06pm]
Cute Eddie....*sigh*
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Ginger Ale and Halloween cups.... [22 Aug 2001|10:48pm]
[ mood | nauseated ]

I'm drinking ginger ale in Jinkey's halloween cup

from Ruff Buff..good stuff.

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Comfort Foods.... [22 Aug 2001|07:49pm]
Graham crackers and vanilla frosting and a straberry milkshake..mmmm...wonderful for days when nothing seems to go right. Try it.
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[22 Aug 2001|06:23pm]
[ mood | full ]

This Pepsi tastes like paint...no good. No good at all.

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[19 Aug 2001|10:23am]
[ mood | confused ]

In the words of Melissa Secore...WOW...Just WOW. I need time to clear the dust away and realize what just went down in the past 2 days. Things come out when you are drinking huh?

Wow, just wow.

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[13 Aug 2001|09:12pm]
What did I do? Someone please explain.
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[13 Aug 2001|06:46pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

Ahhh.Work makes me tired! Lots and lots of crying babies+ bottles of milk anad formula+diapers+snotty noses = stressed and tired Aimee. Anyways, Im'm looking for a new job so I will be out of there soon enough. Melissa said both if her jobs are hiring and shes gonna get me applications for Weathervane and Fresno's. Plus Kaleena said Eckerd is hiring...so I have a few options. I really don't have much to talk about except that Ron is leaving tomorrow to go to school. He is leaving super early, but it's only cuz he plays football. Hmmm...I have not seen Alex in a long time. I talked to him today, I think we are gonna go see The Outsiders tomorrow nite. I miss him tons! He is still waiting for the call back from the Navy to see if he's been cleared medically (he had knee surgery last year).If they say he can't go in he will be heart broken. It will hurt me to see him hurting. I kow how bad he wants this. As much as I will miss him, I am supportave and always will be. Umm..yeah I think thats about it for now cuz mom made Chicken Parm ,spaghetti and salad for dinner..therefore I'm gonna go chomp it up!

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